Divorced Dads Should Get More Than Bills

December 22, 2011  |  No Comments  |  by admin  |  Fathers Rights

To the editor:

Even though I was quoted in your April 5 article “Where’s Daddy?”, I was disappointed that it served to reinforce society’s view that the primary duty of divorced fathers is financial. It is important to consider how such matters emotionally impact fathers.

I blame the emotional nightmare I have lived during the past three years on the judicial and societal view that allows fathers to only play a financial role in their children’s lives after a divorce.

Such bias encourages the disappearance of fathers from any involvement in their children’s lives, since the role of Disneyland daddy is too emotionally devastating for most loving fathers to sustain.

I pray that someday we will remove the issues of custody and visitation from the legal arena. Until then, we should at least discourage the view that a father’s primary role is to pay child support, and give equal or greater attention to each child’s need for emotional support from both parents, notwithstanding a divorce.

Phillip Holman
National Congress for
Men and Children
Washington, D.C